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Forest Lake 3D Screensaver 1.0

Forest Lake 3D Screensaver brings the outdoors to your desktop (See all)

What is the best place to visit and really relax from the daily troubles and routine?
For me, I love to go to the outdoors. Visit a forest, a lake, and mountains.
Forest Lake 3D Screensaver brings the outdoors to your desktop.

This beautiful and relaxing screensaver will take you on a journey to a place that you could easily get used to live in.
You will be transported to a lush green forest in the middle of nowhere. The scene is totally relaxing. You will see a beautiful calm lake together with the stream that keeps it filled with water.

As you examine the place, you will be accompanied by soft music and the sounds of nature.
You can hear the birds singing, the water flowing into the lake, the wind and more.
You can really feel as if you were there, forgetting about your work, traffic, and everything related to the city routine.
As the camera moves, you will be able to see where the stream joins the lake, forming a gentle waterfall that adds to the relaxing sounds.

Forest Lake 3D Screensaver will definitely make you forget all about your work, your boss, and everything that you might be tired of in your everyday life.
The setting is beautiful.
However, the graphics are not excellent.
The scene doesn’t look very realistic, showing you pixilated images of the lake and forest.

I would have also preferred another kind of music. Maybe slower and softer, because the one that it includes is a little too fast for the scene.
You will probably enjoy this screensaver. Even if you can find more realistic ones, this one will keep you watching and listening for some time. At least until you can unwind and start to relax.

Fernando Soni
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  • Very pretty and relaxing
  • Nice sounds of nature,


  • Not very realistic
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